Helping~ One~ Another

Helping one another grow as entrepreneurs is something I want to do~ we all have these unik ideas in becoming a entrepreneur~ but don't have any direction~ like me when I first started with this store a year ago~ I didn't know where to start~ different people told me a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that~ I still was really lost~ what happen next~ I started attending different events being a vendor~ meeting a lot of awesome people and we shared different info of what we knew ~ it helped me a lot along the way~ with major research and a lot of reading~  just imagine if we shared business ideas~ had different events and fill the place with new business owners~ helping one another instead of holding back business ideas for all of us to grow~ it helps with making all our dreams come true~ growing as a successful business owner with a purpose to show the world~ now I'm moving forward fulfilling my dream~

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