Make~ It~ Happen

Everyday is a beautiful day and life is a big learning experience with a whole lot of different situations like a big Gumbo lol~ had to make a funny couldn't hold it smh~ I was looking at~Good Morning America~ and~ Serena Williams was a guest~ she's calling on Women To Make The First Move and The Ball Is In Our Court~ I can relate you truly have to believe in yourself and stand rooted like a tree to become a entrepreneur~ I was told in a negative way a business was hard~ when seeking advice~ just imagine if I would've let that negative gesture distract me my store wouldn't be here today~ yes it was a challenge~ yes I had to climb over walls~ yes some days I cried~ you still can't give up on you~ KEEP GOING ~ DON'T STOP UNTIL YOU REACHED THE TOP~ UNIK SIMPLICITY FASHION IS HERE thank God~ yes it's a phenomenal idea to encourage anyone~ To Make The First Move~ believe in yourself and make it happen~

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