My~ Pescatarian~ Life

I stopped eating meat November 2016 it has surly been a life changer~ I don't regret it and I can see so many changes with my body and the way it  functions~ I use to have female problems since I've been meat free it all went away~ I notice a difference in my skin as well~ at the beginning it seemed like I eat the same things all the time and food got boring~ now I'm going into my third year and as time goes along its amazing certain benefits you experience pops up in my mind that I didn't know until my body realized a lil hard to explain lol it’s all for the best~ I feel this is a decision a person has to make for themselves not anyone pushing it upon them~ my cooking has improved you have to find what fits you I love Mexican so I found a way to make tacos with meatless meat~ I tell you it's a day by day learning experience you have to start trying different dishes I do ok with eating healthy but I can do so much better if you have recipes I'm interested please not to difficult lol simple but tasty~

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