Hello everyone~ I have to start of off by thanking everyone who helped me along the way to make this store happen first God~ hubby~ sisters~ brothers~ family and friends~ my Shopify family~ the web design team~  everyone who gave me a helping hand in this brand new world~ this journey wasn't easy as it has surely been a roller coaster ride with good days and bad~ I want to show my appreciation to everyone~ you know sometimes it takes a village to pull a positive plan together~ It's nothing like tears of joy when you couldn't see right before your eyes and you really didn't know which way was right or wrong~ I believed and kept on going~ when the day finally comes~ it's more than a mind can fathom~ with an everlasting smile of joy~ Unlax Self appreciates every one!


Unlax Self was generated in 2018. Through my walk in faith and asking God to give me his desire, the company and brand name Unlax Self came to me. In building this dream, the product is an organic Himalayan bathing salt with essentials oils. It naturally helps your body with 84 minerals. When added to warm water, Himalyan salt will also help with the natural glow of your skin. So Unlax , yourself, mind body, and Soul. All bathing salts are made with positive vibes and with the best organic ingredients. This is the UNIK part of  the brand. UNLAX SELF is here to make life as simple as possible with great value and good positive vibes. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity. What God says he’ll DO in his word he’ll DO. Believe and have faith. Thank you for shopping and stopping by!


What does "Unlax Self" mean?

The word "Unlax" comes from two words, "unwind" and "relax". They are the two essential characteristics of our brand and our products. The word “self” was then added to help you connect fully to your most relaxed state, as you unwind while soaking in a blissful experience from using our bath products.

About The Shop

Unlax Self is here to make your life flourish and bring out the new you in a fabulous way .Unlax Self was generated in Beaumont, Texas. For 11 ½ years I worked on a job that undervalued my hard work and determination. As the CEO of Unlax Self I am elated to guide others to a greater meaning of life. Unlax Self brand and logo represents self love, earth, freedom, relaxation, and my colorful spirit. 

Our online store will grab your attention while taking you on a magical journey that will surely take your breath away and brighten up your day. Self care keeps yourself grounded wherever you are in life. Unlax Self is a one-of-a-kind organic product made from our supernatural earth. I hand packaged it with love to make your life less complicated and add positive vibes like razzle~ dazzle! 

Himalayan salt consist of 84 minerals, it helps balance my pH, and brings out my natural glow and much more. Unlax Self accessory collection will add character to any part of your life. Some of the Unlax Self other products consists of totes, t-shirts, leggings and so much more. Through this online store I want to give awareness on a product from earth, health/wellness, and a fresh start in people’s life I would love for you to Unlax from the world, appreciate self care and display assertiveness. 

Our hope is to help you connect with your “Mind~ Body ~ Soul” in a way that makes you feel like the phenomenal person you are. Unlax Self is a brand that can go any direction stay surprised and see what’s coming next. I will launch fashion different times through out the year  to complete your unique outfit. Skies the limit with this extraordinary brand lets take this journey together I will be able to connect with everyone’s individual uniqueness. As CEO of Unlax Self, I feel so honored to present to you a shopping experience surrounded with love, positive vibes, self-care, and an experience like no other!